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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  July 6, 2014 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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we have to do right by the children, but at the end of the day in the final analysis, our border is not open to illegal migration, and we will stem the tide. >> a warning from homeland security secretary jeh johnson. hundreds of children continue to cross the border every single day. no sign of slowing down. so what is the white house saying now that they're going to do to stop them? what happened to your face? >> he hit me in the face. >> what is the reason? did you do something wrong? >> i didn't. >> free from police custody, a palestinian american teenager is back with his family after he was allegedly beaten by israeli police. we'll hear more from him and his family. also, open for business in
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less than 24 hours. recreational marijuana will be legal in washington state. will supply meet the demand? also, sky high transit. forget about the buses and the trains and the taxis. there's a new plan to take mass transit off the ground and into the sky. i'll talk to the developers in today's "big idea." andsinger, songwriter, and little sister to an icon. we'll catch up with her before she takes the stage at the essence music festival tonight. i'm t.j. holmes in for craig melvin today. we begin with the heated battle over our nation's borders. thousands of migrants from central america, many of them women and children are being held in fa signatucilities acro country. their presence is reigniting a long simmering national debate over immigration. among the key questions being raised, why is the surge
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happening now, and will these undocumented immigrants be allowed to stay? nbc's miguel almaguer is on the outskirts of the california town that's been at the center of protests for and against those who have made the dangerous journey to the united states. miguel? >> reporter: t.j., this is the holding facility in murrieta that's become a flash point for this community, a symbol of a nation divided. the flow of immigrants shows no sign of slowing. with texas facilities filled to the max, another border patrol flight lands in san diego. mothers and children bused off for processing. in tucson, 23-year-oldn urida martinez, one journey behind her, plans another to find her sister. she left two children behind in guatemala in hopes of getting the medical care her youngest son, henry, desperately needs. this blanket and the clothes they wear are all they have. the smugglers made sure of that.
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we brought more clothes, she says, but when we crossed, they said everything had to stay, and that was it. many immigrants choose the treacherous journey to escape unrest in their native countries. nbc's stephanie gosk is covering the story this weekend in honduras. >> reporter: i'm here talking to steven and kimberly. they're both teenagers, younger than 18. they don't want to show their faces because they live in one of the most violent neighborhoods in honduras. every single one of their friends talks about leaving this place and going to the united states and the principal reason they want to leave is because of violence. >> reporter: but some find strife in the u.s. as well. here in murrieta, it's been a quiet holiday weekend after buses of immigrants were turned away by protesters last week. meantime, back in arizona, it's one more bus ride for nurida and henry martinez to georgia to
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find family and maybe a new home. for now there are no children at this facile, but the mayor says that could change. they still expect waves of undocumented immigrants to arrive here. when they do, protesters say they'll be back. t.j.? >> miguel almaguer, thank you so much. i want to turn to our brain trust. gabrielle is principal at the raven group, also instrumental in latino outreach. beth is in studio senior editor for and chip. let me start by listening to homeland security secretary jeh johnson on "might teet the press morning. >> our message to those who come here illegally, our border is not open to illegal migration and we are taking a number of steps to address it, including turning people around faster. >> grab ri ella to you, not a
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lot of specifics and he wouldn't answer the question necessarily will most of these children be going back and also is it the point of this administration? is it the goal to make sure they do go back? he wouldn't answer a couple of those questions from david gregory there. so what can the white house really do at this point? >> well, the process is already set, right? when children are coming from countries that don't touch the united states, we're talking about canada and mexico, they're immediately deported. since most of these children are coming from central america, child trafficking laws prohibit the administration from just immediately deporting them. they're put into holding with hhs for 72 hours and then either their family members are found or they're put into the foster care system with an order of deportation. so there's limited and legal protections for these children that are already in place and they're doing the best they can. >> the best they can. i guess that leaves us, beth, let me bring you in here.
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it leaves it open. if you want to send a message to central america that, hey, don't send the kids because we're going to send them back, secretary johnson didn't do a good job this morning of sending that message necessarily. >> first of all -- >> stay with me for a second. i'm bringing beth in here. we'll get back to you, gabriella. >> i was simply going to say all of this just speaks to the utter dysfunction of our immigration system. that we're dealing with a community of women and children primarily sitting there in these detention centers or in some cases these sort of charitable operations that have been set up by churches, the catholic charities and so forth, sitting there waiting in some sort of limbo. they're hearing our politicians on morning shows talking about their fate but ultimately there's no real system being enacted here. yes, there's things on the books that are supposed to take place, but right now with this influx, they're very unable to really execute any of that. and the whole issue of the political persecution or the fact they might be coming out of situations of violence in their home country, there's something like 50% or 60% of them probably
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are by a lot of expert expectations. so these guys need a hearing to find out why they came in the first place, and instead everything is caught up in this massive dysfunction between the potential political migrants and the folks who are coming here wanting a better life. >> some of the dysfunction, chip, let me get you to chime in, i mean, there's a lot of criticism of immigration policy from republicans no doubt but now you put this on top of it, this current crisis, and now this is another political firestorm and adding to it let me listen to the governor of texas right now, rick perry, implying that maybe there's something else going on here. let's take a quick listen. >> i have to believe that when you do not respond in any way that you are either inept or you have some ulterior motive of which you are functioning from. >> ulterior motive. he left it kind of open there, but, chip, is there -- in your estimation, is there anything
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else going on here, any ulterior motive or anything that could serve the president's interest by not trying to tackle this issue aggressively? >> well, i'll give the president the benefit of the doubt and say i hope not because i think the one thing all three of us can agree on is what's happening now is not good for our country, not good for the women and children that are sitting in detention centers. it's complete chaos on our borders. not only is that bad for families and it's bad for the country, it also leaves us open to all kind of things, not just illegal immigration but we also have had security problems. there's security issues and it's a free flow right now. there's nothing stopping people from coming over these borders, and they're doing it more and more every day, and as we learn more and more that we don't have control of our borders, it just increases the numbers and we need action now, not wait for the politicians to talk about it for a couple more months. >> gabriella, something you were about to allude to, is the government -- the u.s. go of the is launching this ad campaign down in central america, $1 million ad campaign being produced, these tv spots, trying to encourage people, say do not
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come over here. do not do this. you're getting misinformation, but so much of what these ads are talking about is the arduous journey, the dangerous journey. not necessarily saying you're going to get sent back. it's saying it's not worth the risk of your life. you know, talking about how dangerous the journey is. is that the right message? >> i think it's understandable given such a humanitarian crisis for all of us to try to think what would possibly make an 8-year-old leave his mother, travel 2,000 miles with smugglers and abuse to get to the border? and i think it's understandable -- actually frowned upon and regrettable that republicans are saying that that's any policy that the president could have done. when you watch spanish language television and you hear the individual stories of these children, of a 9-year-old or a 10-year-old who left because his epileptic mother cannot pay for their food and he wants to help them and when you see most of the migration is from central
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america, not mexico, if there's any policy that was encouraging people to come, we would see migration from mexico and that migration from mexico is zero. anything we can do to spread the word that this is dangerous, that's the deterrent because where they're coming from is much worse than anything they will see in the united states. >> to that point, does that ad campaign do enough? is it going to send the message? when you have the secretary of homeland security on tv not saying our point is to send them back, we have a humanitarian crisis and we need to do something in line with our laws and our values but the message wasn't a strong one necessary, that we have policies in place that will make it certain you will go back. it was more like we will be sympathetic and maybe you can stay. >> the best thing they can do is describe the arduous journey. let's face it, the united states is this shining place people want to come, and perhaps it's
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in the best interest of our government to remind people that they will not be able to stay and they could die or be seriously compromised if they even try to come. i think that's probably a responsible message, but, no, it's not sufficient at all. >> chip, you will have to wrap it for me here. what do you think of the message being sent this morning? >> well, i don't know what the message was and that's the problem. the message needs to be secure the borders and make sure they know when they get here, they're not going to be able to stay. i think that's right. i think we also have to be thankful we live in a country people are trying to break into ned of break out of and we start from there. >> gabriella, beth, chip, thank you so much. we know this isn't going to go away anytime soon. i wish we had more time to talk about this, but we will, no doubt down the road. thank you so much. >> thanks. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> 11 minutes path the hour. coming up, an american teen back with his parents now. >> i feel better. i feel okay.
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>> the 15-year-old palestinian/american boy free from custody under house arrest. this after he was allegedly beaten biisraeli police and then detained. we'll hear more from him and his family. recreational marijuana sales about to be legal in washington state. we are taking you there for a preview of how tomorrow's pot rollout will go. you know that dream... on my count.
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i feel like he doesn't deserve to be on house arrest out of his own home for nine days. on what charges? he hasn't been charged. there's no charge on him. why are you putting him on house arrest? it makes no sense. i'm american. i know the american law.
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this doesn't happen in america. >> that was the mother of palestinian american teenager tariq khdeir. he was released by an israeli court earlier today. amateur video appears to show him being beaten by israeli forces as he was arrested during a day of unrest in east jerusalem. his release is part of the intense clashes taking place between palestinians and israelis. the police arrested six suspects in the kidnapped playing of a palestinian boy last wednesday. nbc is in jerusalem with the latest. we heard from the 15-year-old after his release, and we let our viewers hear from him and then i'll bring you in. >> okay. >> what happened to your face? >> they hit me in the face. brutally hit me. >> what is the reason? did you do something wrong?
12:17 pm
>> unconscious. >> for our viewers he was describing being hit in the face and he was unconscious even. what else are we learning about this young man, his beating and his arrest? >> reporter: well, we had a chance to speak to him as well as his family and the account that they gave today said that he was at the time of his detention by israeli police was simply watching the slashes as they were unfolding. he was suddenly ambushed along with some friends. he tried to escape from the israeli police forces that were in the area and it was at that point he was ultimately captured and as you saw in that video severely beaten. he has suffered some serious lacerations, including stritchs, a fractured nose. he has bruises on the side of his body as well as serious cuts in various other parts that he says were a result of the beating he sustained while he was in israeli police custody. now, despite that, him and his family say they do plan on
12:18 pm
taking action against the israeli government because today he was released without any charges. they were asked to pay a bail, and he was restricted in terms of the movements he was allowed to engage in while he remained here in jerusalem for the rest of his summer vacation as the family says, but they were really angered by the fact that he will not be facing any charges yet he had to pay a bail and have his movements restricted, t.j. >> what can you tell us also, there have been tensions there over the past week or so of course with arrests possibly in the death of another teenager who was found dead there. just give us an update on the back and forth that's taken place there over the past week or so. >> reporter: well, we'll start with that investigation into the killing of that 17-year-old palestinian, who is actually a cousin that triggered the week-long series of clashes.
12:19 pm
israel's prime minister has vowed to arrest all the perpetrators in that crime as well as those who carried out the killing of those three israeli jewish teenagers earlier in the week. but the teptions on the ground really have begun to spill over. we've now seen clashes not only here in east jerusalem but as well as in arab cities, predominantly arab cities in the northern part of the israel. that's going to be a major cause of concern for the israeli government. they're also dealing with the growing tensions in the south of the country, the gaza strip over the past couple days has seen sustained rocket fire coming out of gaza into southern israel and overnight we've seen the israeli air force carry out air strikes inside the territory. certainly a tremendous amount of tension brewing across the country. >> thank you so much. we're 20 minutes past the hour and breaking story coming out of iraq to us right now. police sources telling nbc news that at least four people are dead following a suicide bombing in the capital of baghdad. it happened at a cafe in a shia
12:20 pm
neighborhood. nearly a dozen people were also injured. people were at the restaurant to break their daily ramadan fast. we'll stay on top of this story. as we get new details of this, we'll bring them to you. but four people dead following an explosion in the iraqi capital of baghdad. also still ahead, washington state open for business. it's the pot business we're talking about here. recreational marijuana sales start this week, but they could run into a problem. more on that shortly. also, new details in the case of a california officer accused of beating a woman. >> he hit her over and repeatedly and repeatedly over. she wasn't even putting up a fight. >> the woman seen in this cell phone video has now been identified, and her family is speaking out. a live update ahead. also, get on up. the new movie about the life of the late james brown will take you down to the essence festival
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i wouldn't to go to vietnam. we have to bring super heavy funk. >> are they shooting at us? they're trying to kill james brown today. do you want to go down in history as the man who killed the funk. >> it's a clip from the new movie, "get on up" it follows the rise of the godfather of soul. the movie comes out next week. chris witherspoon just interviewed chad bozeman and tate taylor, the director of the film at the essence film festival. >> he had a voice because he was traveling from city to city. he knew his music was touching people. he was trying to make music about things that mattered to him, and when the time came, you know, which was basically for it to be a more formal statement
12:25 pm
for him which is basically after king's assassination, he just stepped up to the plate. >> what i saw in this film that i can relate to and i think others will relate to is not so much him trying to see how famous he can be or how much wealth he can amass. i saw somebody who just didn't want to go backwards. i think any of us know what that feels like. >> and let me bring in entertainment editor for the grio chris witherspoon. he kind of alluded to it there. the director of the movie. are we going to see more than we really expect from this movie? you know, we're expecting to see a lot of music and we know james brown and the classics and the hits, but it sounds like there might be a little more to this thing that more folks can relate to. >> reporter: i think they're releasing a few view of two james brown is. toward the end of his career he was known for some of his legal woes, his battle with drug
12:26 pm
addiction but he was so much more than that. he really empowered so many artists, michael jackson, prince, mick jagger. he empowered so many artists and left a blueprint for artists to follow. chadwick said he learned he was a master of his craft. he lived what he performed. i'm so excited to see this film. i really am. >> you're in new orleans. now, this star is just one of many stars walking around there. i have spent a couple of years down there for the essence music festival but this is the 20th anniversary. try to put it in context for folks. this is a huge gathering for african-american thought, culture, music, entertainment, and you name it. this is really a huge gathering, and it sounds like this one went off as maybe one of the largest they've ever had. >> reporter: yeah. this is the largest live event in the u.s. six times larger than coachella,
12:27 pm
seven sometimes larger than south by southwest. i've been talking to so many publicists around. they have a lot of stars they brought. they don't have anything to promote, some of them. they just want to be here. i ran into anthony mackie, sherri shepherd. they just want to be here, be a part of history. 20th anniversary. they've all read the magazine. it's a part of our culture, a part of our story, and this magazine has accomplished bringing this festival to this city and it's a magical city. >> well said. chris witherspoon wrapping up the essence music festival. i hope you had a good time and why didn't you bring tamron along for a surprise visit. >> she didn't video bomb me today. >> chris, good to see you, as always, my man. we'll see you when you get back. just a few minutes, we're not done down there in new orleans. tamar brashtixton, sister of to braxton, she's down at the festival, she will stop by and
12:28 pm
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tactical victory since the conflict with russia earlier this year. ukrainian forces entered the city saturday after pro-russian rebels retreated overnight. more information on the nsa spying program. "the washington post" reports the agency is intercepting data from many more ordinary users than from its intended targets. nine out of every ten people spied upon were not who the agency was trying to target. and nearly half of the surveillance files are from americans. the post got the information from former nsa contractor edward snowden. also the joker, serbia's novak djokovic defeated roger federer for his second wimbledon title. it was a five-set match between the two. with this victory he is now going to be moving back up to be ranked the number one tennis player in the world. take you now to the pacific
12:33 pm
northwest. washington state in particular. legal retail sales of marijuana could start in about 48 hours. officials will issue licenses to businesses tomorrow telling people which stores have been approved to sell the drug. all this comes 19 months after voters in washington approved pot for recreational use. colorado being the first state to make such a move. to tell us how this is all going to work, mr. rick garza, the director of the state liquor control board, the agency charged with regulating the new retail pot market. sir, thank you for being here, and tell us starting tomorrow i guess how many licenses are you set to give out? >> we have issued 25 retail licenses. it's our understanding that 15 will be ready to open on tuesday and then further on through the week for the other 10. >> mr. garza, you tell me, be honest here, what are your fears? do you have some concerns? i know you all have been watching colorado, but do you have -- you all have been ready for this or getting ready at least for a year and a half. what are your concerns about it? >> i think our concerns
12:34 pm
initially when we started this project 18 months ago was making sure when we went through the licensing process to create a very controlled and restricted marketplace that we issued licenses to the right people, which is why we had to go through extensive criminal and financial investigations for all of those that hold a producer, a processor, or a retail license. there's also compliance that we'll be doing throughout the next few months. but like we've said throughout the last 18 months, we're going to do this right. we're going to take the time that it takes, and i'm sure like colorado, there will be fewer stores and i suppose that they will run out of product, but as we issue more licenses for producers, right now we've got the equivalent of 12 football fields of production of cannabis, and that will continue to increase as we continue to issue licenses. >> you all have been working closely with colorado. what have you all learned -- i guess what have you seen and mistakes even, they could be the
12:35 pm
guinea pigs for, what have you seen them do that didn't go so well that you're pretty sure you can get right since you have seen them do it now? >> one of the things the board did a couple weeks ago is we imposed by emergency rule some issues related to edibles. we wanted to make sure those type of edibles we have seen, gummy bears, cotton candy, and lollipops were something that would not be allowed on the marketplace. anything that's especially appealing to children will likely not be marketed, will actually have a label approval process with a person that will look at any kind of edible that comes to the marketplace and it will have to be approved by the board before it can move forward. >> so how long -- i want to make sure i understand will we not see edibles initially is that right? >> well, we haven't approved any commercial kitchens yet so we're not too concerned about that right now. as we move forward through that, there will be a process so that
12:36 pm
we can make shush. i think one of the real concern that is the attorney general, the legislation, and our board have is making sure that we don't have the issues colorado had with respect to edibles. >> some of the issues, they attribute even a couple deaths, quite frankly, to some of the marijuana that was sold in some of these dispensaries, also some of them getting -- children end up getting sick and ended up in hospitals, some of them in serious conditions. are those some of the concerns you speak of and i guess accidents -- no matter what, things can happen but are those some of the things that concern you as you say, you keep an eye on, don't want to have the same problems. are those the things you speak of? >> exactly. some of the things we've already done by regulation that we even further clarified by emergency rule a couple weeks ago was the packaging and labeling requirements, making sure these products are child resistant. those are some of the things the board did to make sure the public is aware and we keep it out of hands of kids.
12:37 pm
>> are you concerned -- it sounds like you almost expect them to run out of product. that supply will be higher than the demand initially. i guess you're prepared for that. are you concerned there may be some frustration out there among some of your smoking population, if you will? >> well, i think one of the things we learned in discussions with colorado was the fact that we had a lot of people coming from out of the state we learned in colorado. i think obviously there will be lines. this is a pretty historic day, so i think there will be lines, and, again, every day we'll continue to increase the number of retail locations. every week, possibly 10 to 15 new retail locations. again, we've got 334 we plan to get up and running in the next year, but it will be a slow process and i suspect we'll have the same experience that colorado had. >> mr. rick garza, we'll be keeping an eye on what you guys are up to out there, but good luck this week. thanks for being with us. we'll check in again.
12:38 pm
>> thank you. also on the west coast, we're hearing from the family in that dramatic highway beating case. you remember this disturbing video you're seeing there highlighted on your right. california highway patrol officer repeatedly hitting a woman in the head while she lay pinned on the ground. this happened on the state of the interstate, i-10, in l.a. now we're learning more about the victim. we are daughter is talking. that officer remains on paid administrative leave. joe fryer in l.a. for us. what more can you tell us about this case? no doubt that video is disturbing. >> t.j., the family of the woman in that video says that she suffered multiple injuries to her head, to her arms, and to her shoulders. now, this conflicts with what the chp arrest report says, which says she did not appear to be injured at all. now, the family is saying that they would like to see the officer punished. this all, of course, started just a few days ago. it became very public after someone who was driving by the scene recorded cell phone video
12:39 pm
of what was going on and then posted that video to youtube. the video shows the officer taking the woman down along the side of i-10 there. he ends up hitting her at least 11 times in 11 seconds according to what we've seen in the video and eventually an off-duty officer shows up and helps to put the woman in handcuffs. now, the video does not show what happened leading up to the altercation. the highway patrol says she had been wandering along the shoulder of the freeway and also within lanes endangering traffic. officers say she refused to follow commands and was physical physically combative but her family says she don't understand why the officer hit her so many times. >> he hit her over and repeatedly and repeatedly over. she wasn't even putting up a fight. i just want justice for my mom. >> now, authorities say that the victim was being held for a mental health evaluation, and yesterday the family told our
12:40 pm
local nbc affiliate that they still have not seen her since this altercation happened. t.j.? >> nbc's joe fryer in l.a. for us with the update. thank you so much. also just ahead, a new plan to literally sweep you off your feet. it takes public transit off the ground and in the sky. today's "big idea." the developer is with me next. you know that dream... on my count. ...the one where you step up and save the day? make it happen. (crowd) oh no... with verizon xlte. hey guys, i got it right here! we've doubled our 4g lte bandwidth in cities coast to coast. so take on more. with xlte. on the largest, most reliable 4g lte network. i'm saving a ton of time by posting them to my wall. oh, i like that one. it's so quick! it's just like my car insurance. i saved 15% in just 15 minutes.
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or had an asthma attack, hives, other allergies to aspirin, nsaids or sulfonamides. get help right away if you have swelling of the face or throat, or trouble breathing. tell your doctor your medical history. and find an arthritis treatment for you. visit and ask your doctor about celebrex. for a body in motion. we all remember the jettiso, right? if the show is any indication of things to come, we're going to have that, folks. flying cars. we might not need to wait that long though. that brings us to today's "big idea." sky tran is a series of two-person magnetic pods hanging from an elevated track run by computers. if you want to catch a ride, passengers would use their mobile device to say where and when they need to be picked up. a test track will be built in tel aviv with the goal of having the system up and running by the
12:44 pm
end of 2015 and in israel darius sanders is the ceo and ron brand is the director of aerospace industries. we do have a little bit of a delay, but ron, let me start with you. is this the real deal? we're close. we're close to flying cars. how realistic are we talking about? >> okay. i believe it is quite realistic that the first step that we will do is to build up a concept testing full scale development of such a machine is about 200 meters like this. to check how it will work in full scale this capsule is for two person. if it will succeed, obviously this will give us the assurance
12:45 pm
that this technology could bring us where we want to go, and then i believe that it is quite realistic to build up such a system for commercial use. >> and, jerry, how confident are we that this is going to work? give us an idea how -- a little bit i guess kind of sum it up for us, how this works, these magnets. how safe is this going to be as well? >> well, we're supremely confident that this is going to work and that there will be a working system by the end of next year. we've chosen israeli aerospace industries as our strategic partner in this endeavor because of the depth of their experience, technical know how, avionics, and aviation capabilities. our vehicles are, as you noted, little airplanes. they fly within a magnetic wave they themselves generate. it's a very green system. we use very little energy.
12:46 pm
our energy is clean energy. we fly above the traffic and that's the most important element of this system. you're never stuck in surface traffic. you're not stopping behind the vehicles ahead of you. you don't have to look out for accidents, little kids running into the street. you're above all of that, flying along, supremely and sublimely at anywhere between 50 to 150 miles an hour. so we're excited about the prospect of finally moving this technology from the drawing board and our computers and our prototypes, work that we have done over more than a decade, to full-scale production and building the first system here in tel aviv. >> ron, how expensive of a proposition is this? >> expensive compared to other alternatives if you will compare it, big advantage of such a system is that you are building it in the factory and then in
12:47 pm
the field you are building it like a lego, building blocks that are connected together. it's based on normal electric pulse that you have already in streets. we may use them -- change them to others and then you don't have old infrastructure work that you have in other type of trains or metros that you need to build a huge infrastructure and this costs a huge amount of money. in our case basically you build everything in the factory and come to the street and start to a s assemble it there. and this is a huge difference in the cost and also in the speed that you can build up per kilometer such a system. >> gentlemen, i appreciate you being here for today's "big idea." i have to leave it there. jerry sanders and ron brayer, we will be keeping a close eye on what's happening over there as you all progress and see if we
12:48 pm
can bring one of those things to new york city and possibly avoid some of this traffic. gentlemen, thank you so much. and to our audience out there, if you have a big idea as well that you think is making a difference, tell bus it by e-mailing us at coming next, that young lady. you may know her from her music or from the famous family, maybe the reality tv shows. she's about to hit the stage in just a few hours. catching up with the little sister, but she's not such a little sister. kind of a breakout star of her own these days. how does it feel to be hillary clinton's favorite republican? bob schaefer put that question to arizona republican john mccain. >> hillary clinton has said that you are her favorite republican, and i just want to ask you is she your favorite democrat? >> actually, i hope this program is blacked out in arizona,
12:49 pm
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the final night of the exceptth annual essence music festival set to wrap up this evening. it's being called them biggest festival yet. lionel richie. charlie wilson. baddoo and tamar. joining me, star tamar braxton. there was some debate in our newsroom about how to introduce you. some people thought we should be careful in not saying the little sister of toni braxton. actually, i've heard you talk about this before. i am her sister and i am my own star and don't mind being the little sister of an icon. >> absolutely not. it's toni braxton for god's
12:53 pm
sake. the fact is i am her youngest sister. first of all, she is swan to be very proud of. she's a wonderful woman and little sister and you can call me whatever you like. >> i will be careful. i have learned that lesson in the past, tamar, what i should call you. seriously, you are in a lot of ways some would argue, people know your name more these days as of late, if you will. i know she has that iconic title attached to her. you are -- i don't think there's any doubt you've broken out. what was it like these past couple of years and was it difficult to come out from that big braxton shadow? >> it was difficult to come out from the big braxton shadow only because people didn't take me seriously as a songwriter only because plie sister was so
12:54 pm
successful and people got a chance to see my talent and personality and saw it was real and authentic. she is who she is. >> why there? it's hard to put into terms and explain sometimes how important the essence music festival is, just culturally more black america, but also it draws folks like you who are there to perform but also just draws -- there are some celebrities there who don't have nick to promote, who just want to be there. >> right. number one, the essence music festival is a good, okay. you get to see all, i call my t ara martian friends. you get music andtors and you guest to see the fans and good food, the best ever. >> what can we expect from you tonight, young lady. >> oh, doll face, tonight,
12:55 pm
you're going to get your life. definitely the ultimate. tamartian experience and i wrote the things what i say behind love and war, it's a love story. >> you and your husband, i actually met your husband, vince, and you all everywhere every time i've ever seen you, you all are together. people may hear entertainment, this and that. family has always been a big part of who you are. do you think that's the case about a lot of celebrities these days. we hear about breakups and scandal, this and that. you and your husband have always made your relationship and your family a really big deal. >> the thing about vince and i, we keep it 100% real. when you see tamar events, this is what we're going through in our life. when you have the reality curse, it's because you're trying too
12:56 pm
hard or make a story or something like that. that's not what vince and i's story is. it is what it is. what you see is what you get. plus, he's the love of my life and my best friend. that makes it's easier. >> we'll end on a sweet note then. tamar, good to talk to you. as always, hope to see you soon. miss you, haven't seen you in a while. >> you'll see me probably before i see you, pumpkin, because you're booked. it comes back in aupgt and september. i will see you soon. >> i will see you soon. tamar braxton. at the essence music festivalialtfestival. if you are in new orleans in that area, you can visit the convention center. we're about to wrap up. but our hosts, reverend al sharpton and joy reed, you can share your hopes and thoughts about changing your community. been a good time down there this
12:57 pm
weekend as always. that's our show on msnbc. we appreciate you watching. and until then, keep it here for the latest news and updates. until then, have a good one. sfx: car unlock beep.
12:58 pm
12:59 pm
vo: david's heart attack didn't come with a warning.
1:00 pm
today his doctor h him on a bayer aspirin regimen to help reduce the risk of another one. if you've had a heart attack be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen.